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2024-03-07 Of flags and keyletters ag
2024-02-13 An HTTP client in Bash ag
2024-01-29 Comparing Compression ag
2024-01-25 Disk images as archive file formats ag
2024-01-11 Home streaming & inetd-style servers ag
2024-01-01 Shell postcards ag
2023-12-21 Superscripts & subscripts via a coprocess ag
2023-11-30 Glyphs in popular monospaced fonts ag
2023-11-06 Share a PulseAudio sink with an Android phone ag
2023-11-01 Forgotten finite automata techniques ag
2023-08-31 OK was too colloquial ag
2023-08-22 Writing 4 static servers for Node.js ag
2023-08-12 RVM, Fedora 38 & Ruby 2.7.8 ag
2023-08-03 Critical code & static typing ag
2023-07-30 A Minimalistic Weather App ag
2023-07-23 Adventures of a Samsung SSD ag
2023-07-16 fusermount3 & Dolphin ag
2023-07-11 What to do when you don't have /dev/urandom ag
2023-07-10 Exploring pre-1990 versions of wc(1) ag
2023-07-09 say(6) from v10 Research UNIX ag
2023-07-06 Embedding .oga files into an executable to play them via GStreamer ag
2023-06-29 gtk4 & shadertoy ag
2023-06-23 AT&T prices for Unix v7 in 1981 ag
2023-06-21 RDP, mstsc, shadow mode, 2 machines on different continents ag
2023-06-18 Hyperlinks without <a> & JavaScript ag
2023-06-12 Remove black border around Gtk4 menus using CSS ag
2023-06-03 Adding Line Numbers to Code Blocks ag
2023-05-04 Doug McIlroy opposes loading groff down with AI ag
2023-04-11 Being a little thin skinned ag
2023-04-10 Overheads vs. 35mm ag
2023-03-28 Playing an encrypted DVD in Fedora ag
2023-03-26 A Caesar III variation with a no-fire cheat ag
2023-03-22 I Asked ChatGPT How to Resolve a Symlink in PowerShell ag
2023-02-06 nokogiri vs. xsltproc ag
2023-02-03 10, 11, what's the difference ag
2023-01-08 Moving an EFI partition to a thumb drive ag
2023-01-03 MS Office .lnk files ag
2022-12-31 A presentation for Columbus's project ag
2022-11-14 Cultural bias ag
2022-11-13 Multiplan ag
2022-11-02 Commonjs + node polyfills in rollup & esbuild ag
2022-10-21 SLOC as a target ag
2022-09-19 exim 4.96 & procmail ag
2022-09-16 Kindle & epub ag
2022-09-14 Bricking a car with music ag
2022-09-11 No real-life input looks like that ag
2022-08-25 Excess energy ag
2022-06-16 gdk-pixbuf loaders from mingw ag
2022-06-01 Webrick monkey patch to silence huge SSL certificate dump ag
2022-04-24 Brian Kernighan about Richard Hamming ag
2022-04-02 In search of a decent offline Android Polish dictionary ag
2022-03-18 Elopcalypse ag
2022-02-10 Ruby land in 2000 ag
2022-02-08 GPU passthrough in Fedora with plain QEMU ag
2021-12-24 Bluetooth mSBC & Linux ag
2021-12-13 Renaming Devices in PipeWire ag
2021-11-01 which(1) ag
2021-09-21 Basic Latin, Diacritical Marks & IMDB ag
2021-08-07 GNOME's Human Interface Guidelines ag
2021-08-07 The secret to bug-free code ag
2021-07-19 MacKichan Software ag
2021-07-03 I fear this is quite alarming ag
2021-06-20 OpenWrt v19.0.7 on TP-Link TL-MR3420 v2 ag
2021-05-25 Missing charsets in String to FontSet conversion ag
2021-02-06 How dare you suggest we ask our users ag
2021-01-30 Fixing "30 seconds of code" ag
2021-01-06 Twitter stats using gnuplot, json & make ag
2020-12-11 Making high-resolution screenshots of Emacs frames ag
2020-12-11 How I read newsgroups in mutt ag
2020-12-10 Reading the Emacs User Survey 2020 Results ag
2020-10-27 tex2png ag
2020-10-02 The audience may be stupid, but it's never wrong ag
2020-08-27 Steganography with zip archives ag
2020-07-22 How to build Ruby in Windows natively without WSL, MSYS2 or Cygwin ag
2020-05-15 Incongruous purposes ag
2020-05-13 I wonder what this guy is thinking today ag
2020-04-27 Retrocomputing: Windows 7 wifi hotspot ag
2020-03-19 Cygwin, exim & a pop3 server ag
2020-03-10 Cygwin & gem uninstall ag
2020-03-09 Sockets as gilded unicorns ag
2020-03-02 RVM, Fedora 31 & ancient Ruby 2.0.0 ag
2020-02-14 Classroom Rules for Student Success ag
2020-02-13 Gmail to NNTP ag
2020-02-09 Building an rpm in the current directory without any build environment ag
2020-01-15 Automatic static assets dependency discovery ag
2019-12-05 Because developers can't spell ag
2019-12-05 Brand identity ag
2019-12-01 Call charges in 1980 ag
2019-11-25 The purchase of Deja News ag
2019-10-15 Real men make programs that set up their own windows ag
2019-10-06 Being early is on-time ag
2019-04-01 CRX3 ag
2019-01-11 Podcasts & Schedules ag
2018-11-17 Tapes had to be rewritten to keep the bits from rotting ag
2018-11-15 Fedora 29, Xorg & VMware ag
2018-11-09 Belle, a chess machine by Ken Thompson & Joe Condon ag
2018-11-09 G.R. Grace Emlin ag
2018-11-07 Cupertino effect & Queen of the UK ag
2018-11-05 Elisp history for trivia buffs ag
2018-11-05 Why Commenting is Very Important For Bloggers ag
2018-10-28 We are betrayed! Eric Raymond is the perpetrator! ag
2018-10-14 Using .cvs from StatCounter for country-to-country comparations ag
2018-10-02 OpenWrt 18.06.1 on D-Link DIR-320 A1 ag
2018-09-18 3 Ways to Use ES6 Modules with Mocha ag
2018-07-19 Jack Tramiel's cons ag
2018-07-14 A peek at the old win32 APIs ag
2018-06-01 Emacs & gpg files: use minibuffer for a password prompt ag
2018-05-11 Writing a podcast client in GNU Make ag
2018-04-02 Node FeedParser & Transform streams ag
2018-01-18 There is no price for good advice ag
2018-01-12 Top Reasons Nondeterministic Algorithms Lose Business ag
2017-12-23 Sometimes being stubborn does not pay off ag
2017-10-15 The perfect people for the job ag
2017-09-21 Those who want privacy must pay ag
2017-09-19 Blunders, intrigues, investigations! ag
2017-09-16 The origin of stderr ag
2017-09-12 'indent-region' in the Emacs batch mode ag
2017-06-13 Mac users disproportionately pay ag
2017-06-13 RMS & SaaS ag
2017-06-13 With Ogg, professional grade multimedia comes to life! ag
2017-04-24 Heads up! Shebang should be called sharp-bang! ag
2017-03-26 How to prevent Wine from auto-running .exe files in Fedora ag
2017-03-22 American gamers vs. German gamers ag
2017-03-19 An RNG in the 1st versions of fortune(6) ag
2017-02-26 These things cost thousands ag
2017-02-25 All You Need Is Love ag
2017-02-13 What kinds of things make an API good or bad? ag
2017-01-31 AT&T seemed pretty clueless about networking ag
2017-01-09 Larry McVoy quotes ag
2017-01-09 Witch-hunts begin about who screwed up the wiki formatting ag
2017-01-09 The era of cloth diapers or the origin of the name 'Lint' ag
2017-01-09 Doug McIlroy about ifdefs ag
2016-12-28 Tabs & Spaces ag
2016-12-19 The vanity of human wishes ag
2016-12-15 Bills to bribe people ag
2016-11-30 A typical bitwise ag
2016-11-20 Jobs & Gates ag
2016-10-29 BOM & exec ag
2016-10-18 X11 colormaps ag
2016-10-16 Douglas Crockford's Acronym ag
2016-10-02 How GNU Make's patsubst Function Really Works ag
2016-09-28 My configs are generally robust ag
2016-09-20 Emacs 25.1 & hunspell ag
2016-09-10 Erik Naggum on XML ag
2016-09-10 A file-creation subsystem ag
2016-08-19 Do automation without hiring a bunch of PhDs ag
2016-08-15 A Security Analyst ag
2016-08-11 profile.ps1 ag
2016-08-10 Screening criterias for new apps ag
2016-08-05 At somewhat of a loss of memory ag
2016-08-03 Who are all those people? ag
2016-08-01 The power of naming ag
2016-07-25 The number of pages in the PDF spec through the years ag
2016-07-10 GNU & Docker ag
2016-07-03 Who do you think you are to disagree w/ me? ag
2016-06-14 Why, Microsoft, why? ag
2016-06-09 Complex solutions ag
2016-05-27 Ruby 2.3.1 on openwrt ag
2016-05-19 GMS is killing my old phone ag
2016-05-15 A Lisp-NG ag
2016-04-09 The World of Chocolate Windows ag
2016-04-07 Sunrise/Sunset Algo ag
2016-04-05 Herp derp I eat paste ag
2016-04-03 Sourceforge & git ag
2016-04-03 Cross Site Scripting ag
2016-03-30 ag
2016-03-25 Android 4.4 Webview parseFromString ag
2016-03-24 VMware Workstation 12.1.0 NAT crash ag
2016-02-08 Ruby mail & Base64 Content Transfer Encoding ag
2015-11-08 Why Johnny Still Can't Encrypt ag
2015-08-16 What is Ruby power_assert gem & why you may need it ag
2015-04-08 GNU Make Shellquote ag
2015-03-26 A Strategy of No Skill ag
2015-02-07 node.js 0.12, stdin & spawnSync ag
2014-12-14 A Naive Benchmark of GnuPG 2.1 Symmetric Algorithms ag
2013-10-24 Multi-Lingual Interface With Jekyll ag
2013-02-28 Emacs, ERT & Structuring Unit Tests ag
2013-01-25 ssh command quoting hell ag
2012-04-13 How To Disable Rack Logging in Sinatra ag
2011-08-11 FreeBSD 9 newfs block size and fragment size ag
2010-10-01 Don't close stderr ag
2010-09-04 Левая сторона---правая сторона ag
2009-12-21 How to embed Glade XML files into an executable ag
2009-10-04 time value too large/small to represent ag
2009-01-21 How to view logs ag
2008-11-30 Ужасные новости ag
2008-10-11 Capturing output of Expect [send] command ag